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PG Properties Owner and founder Penny Glassmeyer

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”Mrs. Glassmeyer’s homes are architecturally pleasing, built with quality construction, and are well suited to the land. She has a keen eye for aesthetics and design. More importantly, she is known as a woman of integrity.” The Darien News Review 2002

Penny Glassmeyer established herself as a builder well before PG Properties first became an entity in 1987. Penny supervised her very first project in 1979, the renovation of a five family converted Victorian house which she still owns. Three of the current tenants have made 22 Berkeley Street in Norwalk their permanent home for 25, 18 and 11 years.

Her success at Berkeley Street led Penny to her next project In 1982. With government financing, Penny purchased and restored an eight-family low income house. She followed this with the aquisition of two neighboring properties over the next five years - a four family and a five family structure. Penny renovated each building, one at a time. When the last renovation was completed she purchased the house across the street which, because it did not have "classic bones", she tore down and replaced with a six-unit condominium building.

The quality of her finished projects and the extensive attention to detail that she exhibited in her work projected Penny Glassmeyer into the high-end residential market. Penny formed PG Properties in 1987 and she built her first single-family home, a five bedroom with an elevator. Each year after that, Penny proceeded to purchase a tear-down property and then would build a new home which reflected the look and style of the original structure but with all the modern conveniences. She has built thirteen homes in Darien and one in New Canaan.

The year 2000 signaled change and Penny transitioned smoothly into commercial work for the first time. It was a natural move for her because it meant, among other things, that she would be able to give something back to the community that she was so intimately a part of. She began by restoring several downtown Darien retail/office buildings and then in 2003 Penny developed the much lauded Grove Street Plaza which is home to 10 luxury apartments, two retail stores, a restaurant and a public plaza with a fountain which operates year round. This project was a catalyst in spurring more much needed development in downtown Darien. In June 2010 Penny was recognized and celebrated by her community when she was selected as one of five women to receive the "Woman of Distinction Award", an honor established by the Darien/Norwalk CT YWCA for women who have made significant contributions to the Darien and Norwalk communities.

Penny brings together
a unique team of craftsmen.

She respects their opinions and listens to their ideas, often incorporating them into her plans. The people who work with Penny are passionately involved with every new project and, like Penny, they take great pride in their work, Several of the men who started to work with her in the early 1980’s still work for her today, more than 25 years later.

PG Properties homes are all custom designed with special touches ranging from intricately layered moldings to hand waxed wall treatments. Each home has a special name and character all its own.

Penny has a Business/Math B.S. degree from the University of California at Berkeley and has lived in Darien, Ct., since 1968. She has also built eight single family homes in Sun Valley, Idaho where in 1997 she was presented with the city’s Beautification Award.